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You produce mountains of digital data every day, enormous psd files, dozens of e-mails, stock and original art, printer quotes and distribution sheets. All for a single project. Managing all that digital data is daunting and time consuming. Locating just one file can pose a frustrating challenge. In fact, creative professionals spend an average of 1 out of every 10 hours of their time on file management. Searching alone accounts for one third of that time!

Peeq IT can help. Peeq IT is a suite of browser-based services which harness technology to improve and accelerate your production process - removing your points of pain. These solutions were designed from the ground-up to actually work the way creative people do - visually. With a simple, intuitive interface, it dramatically increases your ability to handle complicated projects by keeping files organized, centralized and assessable. Most importantly, it fosters multi-tasking enabling you to move on to additional projects or, unbelievably, take a lunch.